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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chapter 1 and v2 page update

It may take me a bit longer than anticipated to have all v2 pages completed. I did most of chapters 2-4 while on a business trip on my laptop in the hell that is Utah, and did not have my usual font pack with me, thus the inconsistency in a few spots. For some reason that really bugs me, so I intend to go back through the earlier chapters with an eye for actually QC'ing what I was working on. The horror, the horror. Thank goodness I saved the psd's.
I think.
CH01 Status      : 40%   DONE
V2 pages Status: almost started.  75%

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gisele Alain Releases Ch5 Extra Story

Gisele Alain Releases
Chapter 5/
a/non editor
A feline and a young woman set out for sustenance but are overtaken by bibliophilia.

**thanks to /a/non TL**

Gisele Alain Releases

Volume Release will be available when I complete Chapter 1. V2's of several pages will be included along with some fixes for a few minor goofs on my part in QCing the TL.

Gisele Alain Releases Ch5

Gisele Alain Releases
Chapter 5
/a/non editor

A young man adrift in a sea of green and the young woman who sought to divert the storm