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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Dog is dead and buried, the tail wags no more.

Having a family now, I find my time to enjoy hobbies is vastly decreased, almost entirely. My passion for my hobbies is almost quenched, decreasing my enjoyment of life overall.  Yet, I'm told once you have a family and kids, this is the new normal. You have only to reconcile yourself. So here I am 43 years old and I still resent it, though I love my wife and my children. But I miss the scene, I miss illustrating, I miss writing semi-professionally, I miss comfy night-time /a/, I miss watching newly air showing with all you retards, I miss working on all the lost and forgotten gems of manga and anime. And though I have a nice life, I miss not being the person I am forced to play every day.
I miss you all.

                                            Everything and everyone in your life will slowly grind you away.