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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Dog is dead and buried, the tail wags no more.

Having a family now, I find my time to enjoy hobbies is vastly decreased, almost entirely. My passion for my hobbies is almost quenched, decreasing my enjoyment of life overall.  Yet, I'm told once you have a family and kids, this is the new normal. You have only to reconcile yourself. So here I am 43 years old and I still resent it, though I love my wife and my children. But I miss the scene, I miss illustrating, I miss writing semi-professionally, I miss comfy night-time /a/, I miss watching newly air showing with all you retards, I miss working on all the lost and forgotten gems of manga and anime. And though I have a nice life, I miss not being the person I am forced to play every day.
I miss you all.

                                            Everything and everyone in your life will slowly grind you away.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

NekodiruUdon-Ch 4

Oh, Em Gee.
A new post, a new chapter of something random. Well, like many, I have enjoyed her work before her tragic death, even though most remains untranslated in English. I stumbled across a post in  /a/ and a kind /a/non linked me  V1-V2 raws and a script from ch4-6. I don't know how many more (if any) TLed scripts will surface. So let's enjoy these surreal and bizzare adventures through life and death that we have.

Status updates 09/08/14!!
CH5 Arghhh!
CH6 Arghhh!

My Toshiba notebook died in the night..... I awoke at 2am to BEBEBEBEBEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! in the living room.
No post, nothing on external screen. Removed HDD popped it into external sata case.....and toast. Whelp getting new Asus laptop as a treat to myself tomorrow. Incidentally Nekojiru edits, were the only thing I didn't have backed up. No biggy. I  have the raw files and  TS saved. I'll get back going tomorrow evening.

I'll post a status update on /a/  at 9pm EST. Tuesday.

Sorry. Gogo Asus tablet.

CH 4

Monday, February 18, 2013


So I had a Heart Attack @ 37 and then moved to another Country.

Well that about sums it up. Bad genes suck. Just because you are in shape and run and maintain a decently healthy diet/lifestyle doesn't mean biology can't come up and fuck you up.

Don't ignore anything your body tells you. I did. I nearly died, and have to live with the consequences. Meds for ever, and the knowledge this is going to eventually kill me, before I hit 60, if I take care of myself, or the meds will kill my liver in the interim. Haha!

I plan to get involved back in my group again, and hopefully get some side projects going again.

take good care everyone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Dog is Dead, but the Tail Still Wags.

The Dog is Dead, but the Tail Still Wags.

That should be the epitaph of so many things in life. Ah well. In any event, some GOOD NEWS.
Rabbit Reich has picked up Gisele Alain Volume 2. I truely wish them the best and for speedy releases!

Check them out Here.

Real life has interveined in tragic fashion in my family's life the past year. As much as we may decry the excesses of modern life, current medicine is something I am truely grateful for. I hope to get back into scanlation on a much more regular basis with my group, and hopefully have some more /a/nonymous gems for the blog.



I was told the DDL of Gisele Alain Chapter 1 was broken so...
Gisele Alain Chapter 1

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gisele Alain Vol 1 and the Fate of Volume 2

The final re-release of V1 with notes, version2 pages and Chapter 1 should be up by tuesday.  whenever I get back in town. Hurray for travel!

My hunt goes on for a Translator for Volume 2. I may be forced to commission a script if my luck doesn't improve. We really really really don't want to rely on my moon-run fu.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Courtesy of TL trip friend Kesubei !!l/utPaTdYuN Koharu no Hibi CH12

This was just a grab on /a/, when a helpful Translator started posting a script. One anon was working on 11, and I grabbed 12. Kesubei says he plans on doing Chapters11-16 on /a/. So I'll try to keep a home for linkage for the completed chapters here and any status on the ones in progress I know about.

Chapter 11. an anon is in process with TS. Pages 1-11 posted. IF he or anyone elese completes it
   v1. An anons first TS: Good Show!
  v2. Another Anons more refined version

Chapter 12 TS'ed by me. This was a speed release, wheeeee

Chapter 13 by another anon.

Chapter 14 by another anon.

Chapter 15 pg 1-29 midnight 30+ anon  -thanks!

Chapter 16 by another anon

Chapter 17 by anon

Friday, August 19, 2011

Re RELEASE Witchcraft Works Chapter 1

Another Joint Project Courtesy of WCW_TL

WCW_TL  and I decided to do a leisurely re-release of Witchcraft Works Volume 1 using the tank scans. Keep in mind, this is an ENTIRELY NEW AND FRESH TRANSLATION with no cribbing from Animexis releases. Do we want you to delete your animexis releases? No.  

The tank scan offers additional art, some authors notes, and far less terribad magazine quality. WCW_TL's translation is very literal with minimal localizations or dialog alterations. For that reason honorifics were left intact along with the "Engrish".  The fonts are fairly undramatic simple. We mutually decided to leave the bulk of the SFX untranslated and intact, except for certain plot relevant ones.  The only real liberty I took with the script is unlikely to be noticed, much like my subtly inserted SFX near the end of Chapter 09.

 Why did we do this? I... don't know. It seemed a good idea at the time and we are having a good time with it. The tank scans were done very nicely and we both thought the series deserved a bit of extra love. We don't have a release schedule set up for the remaining chapters yet, as it is a relaxing and chill project.

WCW_TL has some ideas that will be tested in the near future to help streamline his translations and allow the interaction between crowd sourced editors/TSers from /a/, or where ever to be fairly seamless and integrated process. This will allow for faster translations, less digging through greenoval,  efficient and informed feedback and therefore: more quality releases for various projects.

So be sure to drop by WCW_TLs blog and say hello and thanks!

For those who care:
Primary Dialog Font: Digitalstrip
Alternate Dialog Font: Akbar
SFX: Akbar/Voodoo/Chiller
Chapter Titles/Spells: Victorian LET
Fancy Script: Vivaldi
HOLY SHIT Ballons: Feast of Flesh or Chiller
Misc: Augie/Wildwords