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Saturday, September 6, 2014

NekodiruUdon-Ch 4

Oh, Em Gee.
A new post, a new chapter of something random. Well, like many, I have enjoyed her work before her tragic death, even though most remains untranslated in English. I stumbled across a post in  /a/ and a kind /a/non linked me  V1-V2 raws and a script from ch4-6. I don't know how many more (if any) TLed scripts will surface. So let's enjoy these surreal and bizzare adventures through life and death that we have.

Status updates 09/08/14!!
CH5 Arghhh!
CH6 Arghhh!

My Toshiba notebook died in the night..... I awoke at 2am to BEBEBEBEBEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! in the living room.
No post, nothing on external screen. Removed HDD popped it into external sata case.....and toast. Whelp getting new Asus laptop as a treat to myself tomorrow. Incidentally Nekojiru edits, were the only thing I didn't have backed up. No biggy. I  have the raw files and  TS saved. I'll get back going tomorrow evening.

I'll post a status update on /a/  at 9pm EST. Tuesday.

Sorry. Gogo Asus tablet.

CH 4