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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gisele Alain Vol 1 and the Fate of Volume 2

The final re-release of V1 with notes, version2 pages and Chapter 1 should be up by tuesday.  whenever I get back in town. Hurray for travel!

My hunt goes on for a Translator for Volume 2. I may be forced to commission a script if my luck doesn't improve. We really really really don't want to rely on my moon-run fu.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Courtesy of TL trip friend Kesubei !!l/utPaTdYuN Koharu no Hibi CH12

This was just a grab on /a/, when a helpful Translator started posting a script. One anon was working on 11, and I grabbed 12. Kesubei says he plans on doing Chapters11-16 on /a/. So I'll try to keep a home for linkage for the completed chapters here and any status on the ones in progress I know about.

Chapter 11. an anon is in process with TS. Pages 1-11 posted. IF he or anyone elese completes it
   v1. An anons first TS: Good Show!
  v2. Another Anons more refined version

Chapter 12 TS'ed by me. This was a speed release, wheeeee

Chapter 13 by another anon.

Chapter 14 by another anon.

Chapter 15 pg 1-29 midnight 30+ anon  -thanks!

Chapter 16 by another anon

Chapter 17 by anon

Friday, August 19, 2011

Re RELEASE Witchcraft Works Chapter 1

Another Joint Project Courtesy of WCW_TL

WCW_TL  and I decided to do a leisurely re-release of Witchcraft Works Volume 1 using the tank scans. Keep in mind, this is an ENTIRELY NEW AND FRESH TRANSLATION with no cribbing from Animexis releases. Do we want you to delete your animexis releases? No.  

The tank scan offers additional art, some authors notes, and far less terribad magazine quality. WCW_TL's translation is very literal with minimal localizations or dialog alterations. For that reason honorifics were left intact along with the "Engrish".  The fonts are fairly undramatic simple. We mutually decided to leave the bulk of the SFX untranslated and intact, except for certain plot relevant ones.  The only real liberty I took with the script is unlikely to be noticed, much like my subtly inserted SFX near the end of Chapter 09.

 Why did we do this? I... don't know. It seemed a good idea at the time and we are having a good time with it. The tank scans were done very nicely and we both thought the series deserved a bit of extra love. We don't have a release schedule set up for the remaining chapters yet, as it is a relaxing and chill project.

WCW_TL has some ideas that will be tested in the near future to help streamline his translations and allow the interaction between crowd sourced editors/TSers from /a/, or where ever to be fairly seamless and integrated process. This will allow for faster translations, less digging through greenoval,  efficient and informed feedback and therefore: more quality releases for various projects.

So be sure to drop by WCW_TLs blog and say hello and thanks!

For those who care:
Primary Dialog Font: Digitalstrip
Alternate Dialog Font: Akbar
SFX: Akbar/Voodoo/Chiller
Chapter Titles/Spells: Victorian LET
Fancy Script: Vivaldi
HOLY SHIT Ballons: Feast of Flesh or Chiller
Misc: Augie/Wildwords

Friday, July 15, 2011

WCW Volume 1 RAW

Now that volume 1 of WCW is released, do I dare re-do the tank? The scans are fairly darn good, and I think it may deserve it. Animexis hasn't mentioned anything about  re-releasing it.

 But I still need to complete V1 of Gisele Alain first. And buy/beg for Volume 2.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AS I PRAY, unlimited WitchCraft Works: in collaboration with WCW_TL

I and several other /a/nons have been working at times editting/cleaning and TS'ing WCW_TL's scripts for Witchcraft Works Ch 7-9, and we haven't had a semi-permanent home for the releases. Thusly, it shall be here.
We love Animexis and look forward to their quality releases, how ever long they may take.
So support them, when they do.

Witchcraft Works
The MC, Honoka Takamiya is your normal high school student whose only problem in life seems to be when he sits next to Ayaka Kagari, the school's #1 beauty in class. They have never spoken directly, and any small interaction between them results in her fan club beating him mercilessly. Yet, when a falling chunk of the school building is about to send him to the afterlife, it was Kagari who came to his rescue. Except, she was dressed as a witch, and floated, and had a broom. She continues to protect him from other inexplicable events using fire magic and has become his protector and knight. She calls poor Takamiya, "her princess". Magical hi-jinks, DAWWW moments, hillarity and mayhem ensue.

WCW-TL's blog, drop by say hi, and thanks for the translations

Chapter 8 Courtesy of WCW_TL
Chapter 9 Courtesy of WCW_TL

I have not given up or forgotten about Gisele Alain. I still plan to release a tank version of chapter 1.
It is pretty much done, but I'm still slogging through v2's of other pages for CH 2-5.
Be patient, I haven't stopped. And its possible I have have a source for the tank Gisele Alain V2.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chapter 1 and v2 page update

It may take me a bit longer than anticipated to have all v2 pages completed. I did most of chapters 2-4 while on a business trip on my laptop in the hell that is Utah, and did not have my usual font pack with me, thus the inconsistency in a few spots. For some reason that really bugs me, so I intend to go back through the earlier chapters with an eye for actually QC'ing what I was working on. The horror, the horror. Thank goodness I saved the psd's.
I think.
CH01 Status      : 40%   DONE
V2 pages Status: almost started.  75%

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gisele Alain Releases Ch5 Extra Story

Gisele Alain Releases
Chapter 5/
a/non editor
A feline and a young woman set out for sustenance but are overtaken by bibliophilia.

**thanks to /a/non TL**

Gisele Alain Releases

Volume Release will be available when I complete Chapter 1. V2's of several pages will be included along with some fixes for a few minor goofs on my part in QCing the TL.

Gisele Alain Releases Ch5

Gisele Alain Releases
Chapter 5
/a/non editor

A young man adrift in a sea of green and the young woman who sought to divert the storm

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gisele Alain Releases Ch4

Gisele Alain Releases
Chapter 4
/a/non editor

In which a well deserved lunch is had, and a past's details are slowly drawn out.

Gisele Alain Releases Ch3

Gisele Alain Releases
Chapter 3
/a/non editor

Life is a cabaret, come hear the music play, at least once.

Gisele Alain Releases Ch2

Gisele Alain Releases
Chapter 2
/a/non editor

Chapter two, in which we have exposition, a delightful young lady, her father, a harassed Eric, and the subtle pleasures of employment.

Gisele Alain Releases Ch1

Gisele Alain Releases

Chapter 1
AHM Scans *defunct*

With a girl, a complaining rentor, gentle extortion and endless exuberance, we begin.

It is almost a certainty I will be redoing this chapter with the Tank scans.

Gisele Alain Volume 1 (In progress)

"Giséle Alain will provide you with any service, Madame," Gisèle claims as she puts a sign on her door. Gisèle Alain is the owner of an apartment and decides to take on whatever request that she receives. She forces Eric, a resident of the apartment with overdue rent, to tag along with her service

A charming story begins.

I picked this series up after an image dump on a notorious imageboard. I was immediately charmed by the setting, characters and art. You may notice a striking similarity in Kasai Sui's art and Kaoru Mori of Otoyome-gatari fame. They are both serialized in Fellows! and they strongly hint in several interviews that they may collaborate and share staff. I hope you enjoy this series that has languished so long in scanlator limbo.

Raws for Volume 1 were provided by a thoughtful /a/non. Laika's cogent and quality translations were gathering dust at MH.