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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gisele Alain Volume 1 (In progress)

"Giséle Alain will provide you with any service, Madame," Gisèle claims as she puts a sign on her door. Gisèle Alain is the owner of an apartment and decides to take on whatever request that she receives. She forces Eric, a resident of the apartment with overdue rent, to tag along with her service

A charming story begins.

I picked this series up after an image dump on a notorious imageboard. I was immediately charmed by the setting, characters and art. You may notice a striking similarity in Kasai Sui's art and Kaoru Mori of Otoyome-gatari fame. They are both serialized in Fellows! and they strongly hint in several interviews that they may collaborate and share staff. I hope you enjoy this series that has languished so long in scanlator limbo.

Raws for Volume 1 were provided by a thoughtful /a/non. Laika's cogent and quality translations were gathering dust at MH. 


  1. Oh, I never knew Laika did more than the first chapter. Otherwise I'd have loved to pick it up too. Of course again when I got and "read" vol 1.

    You did good :D Thanks for your commitment.

    I just found out that you released this much. Again thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. thank you for your kind words.
    i still should have attempted to contact Laiki first though.
    I should also log into my email and blog more than once every few days -.-'