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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AS I PRAY, unlimited WitchCraft Works: in collaboration with WCW_TL

I and several other /a/nons have been working at times editting/cleaning and TS'ing WCW_TL's scripts for Witchcraft Works Ch 7-9, and we haven't had a semi-permanent home for the releases. Thusly, it shall be here.
We love Animexis and look forward to their quality releases, how ever long they may take.
So support them, when they do.

Witchcraft Works
The MC, Honoka Takamiya is your normal high school student whose only problem in life seems to be when he sits next to Ayaka Kagari, the school's #1 beauty in class. They have never spoken directly, and any small interaction between them results in her fan club beating him mercilessly. Yet, when a falling chunk of the school building is about to send him to the afterlife, it was Kagari who came to his rescue. Except, she was dressed as a witch, and floated, and had a broom. She continues to protect him from other inexplicable events using fire magic and has become his protector and knight. She calls poor Takamiya, "her princess". Magical hi-jinks, DAWWW moments, hillarity and mayhem ensue.

WCW-TL's blog, drop by say hi, and thanks for the translations

Chapter 8 Courtesy of WCW_TL
Chapter 9 Courtesy of WCW_TL

I have not given up or forgotten about Gisele Alain. I still plan to release a tank version of chapter 1.
It is pretty much done, but I'm still slogging through v2's of other pages for CH 2-5.
Be patient, I haven't stopped. And its possible I have have a source for the tank Gisele Alain V2.

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