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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Courtesy of TL trip friend Kesubei !!l/utPaTdYuN Koharu no Hibi CH12

This was just a grab on /a/, when a helpful Translator started posting a script. One anon was working on 11, and I grabbed 12. Kesubei says he plans on doing Chapters11-16 on /a/. So I'll try to keep a home for linkage for the completed chapters here and any status on the ones in progress I know about.

Chapter 11. an anon is in process with TS. Pages 1-11 posted. IF he or anyone elese completes it
   v1. An anons first TS: Good Show!
  v2. Another Anons more refined version

Chapter 12 TS'ed by me. This was a speed release, wheeeee

Chapter 13 by another anon.

Chapter 14 by another anon.

Chapter 15 pg 1-29 midnight 30+ anon  -thanks!

Chapter 16 by another anon

Chapter 17 by anon

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