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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Dog is Dead, but the Tail Still Wags.

The Dog is Dead, but the Tail Still Wags.

That should be the epitaph of so many things in life. Ah well. In any event, some GOOD NEWS.
Rabbit Reich has picked up Gisele Alain Volume 2. I truely wish them the best and for speedy releases!

Check them out Here.

Real life has interveined in tragic fashion in my family's life the past year. As much as we may decry the excesses of modern life, current medicine is something I am truely grateful for. I hope to get back into scanlation on a much more regular basis with my group, and hopefully have some more /a/nonymous gems for the blog.



I was told the DDL of Gisele Alain Chapter 1 was broken so...
Gisele Alain Chapter 1

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